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NY Strongest chasing sanitation
10 MARCH 2011

February’s “Top Stories”

GPS Are they going to use it for evil? The Ladies and the Sanitation Workers Photo Exhibit Great Job Ladies, Thank You ————————————————————————————– Ice, Ice, and more Ice   It started with a whole lot of Ice and it made for a slow clean up, but we made it thru February with barely a scratch. […]

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16 FEBRUARY 2011

DSNY 2.0

                    The automation of DSNY continues  with GPS, Records  upgrade, Hand Scanners, Electronic Summons Writers, and Hybrids all over the place, we are in a state of saving as many jobs as possible and at the same time not hiring for those good jobs that labor […]

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Angel Roldan
9 JANUARY 2011

December’s Top Stories “Lost of an Angel, Supervisors, New Sanitation Workers and The Storm”

Supervisors December started with Supervisors getting ready for the new plan to take effect and trying to stop the insanity that is being placed in front of us. Where in the world do you punish(yes punish) good people 3 times(demotion, lost of pay and seniority) all in one shot for no other reason than you […]

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