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13 JUNE 2014

El Museo del Barrio

Related articles Bronx Angels and El Museo del Barrio Host Fundraiser for East Harlem Explosion Victims The Museum Mile Festival Is Back On 5th Avenue, and it’s FREE!!!! Story Pirates at El Museo del Barrio Review: Art of the islands on display at Studio Museum, El Museo del Barrio and Queens Museum of Art Bronx […]

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vacation 1
23 JULY 2011

What is your ideal time off you need to consider it a vacation?

  Related articles No big summer vacation? You’ve got plenty of company No big summer vacation? You’ve got plenty of company Have you planned your summer vacation? Is the best vacation policy no vacation policy? Dollars And Sense: Fall Is Ideal Time For Adult Vacations March Madness 2012 – Third Round! Alliteration Inspiration: Veggies & […]

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Feet relaxing
12 JANUARY 2011

What I’m Looking Forward to in 2011

Enjoying Life with my Family Lazzy Feet on a Blue Ocean Beach vacation Maximizing my Vacations. Related articles Lazzi 2 Ocean Reef Announces WaterSound Vacation Rental Depressed About Being Back At Work? Lazzy Listening California dreaming Top 3 Carolina Beach Babe New Year’s Resolutions 2013 Olin Announces Fourth Quarter Earnings Rangers still in the market […]

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sam and sam
6 OCTOBER 2010

My Top Ten Moments in my first 20 years

These are my top ten moments in my first 20 years of DSNY.  My Daughter’s birth. My 4 Grandchildren births. My son coming back from Iraq. Seeing my Son at Parris Island graduate boot camp. Buying my Co-op. Promotion to Supervisor. Carrying S.A.L. banner for the 2006 National Puerto Rican Parade. 3 Superior ratings. September 11, 2001. Son […]

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