This year, I’m thankful for my life, so far so good :)

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I have been blessed with a forgiving family, a beautiful wife, good friends, what more could someone ask for. Happy Thanksgiving What are you thankful for this year? Related articles Things My Job Makes Me Thankful For Happy Thanksgiving 2012 Thankful What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Thankful in All Things An Eagles Thanksgiving Roundup Happy Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving! I …

Mechanical Broom

Welcome to “Loerbs World”


If each day is a gift, I’d like to know where to return Mondays. If you’re the kind of person who leaves long and boring voice messages, do us all a favor and say your number at the start of the message. “Facebook should change the status question from “what’s on your mind?” to “what’s your problem today?”‘ My neighbors …


2011 – Are Employer Contributions Now Taxable Income?

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Starting in 2011, the new health law requires employers to begin reporting the value of the health benefits they provide to employees on their W-2 forms — the wage and tax statement you receive to use when filing your taxes. But the amount on the form is for informational purposes only. As is now the case, you’ll owe no tax …

Wanda 101

Night Plow 2010-2011

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Here we are, another winter of Night Plow. What is Night Plow? Night plow is when the NYC Department of Sanitation deploys workers to man equipment 24/7 for the winter in case of snow. Have a safe and prosperous Night Plow. Be Safe-Work Safe. Commissioner Doherty said: “I am pleased to announce that the Department is ready for action in the event a …


October’s Top Stories “Electronic Timekeeping and A New Agenda”.

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City Time and Demotions was this months favorite words and Supervisors were involved in both these subjects, first they taught us to work with this new electronic timekeeping system and the next thing we’re getting beaten over the head with a new direction of operating and caught everybody by surprise, and 100 lives and their families are now being tested with …



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I haven’t been to many DSNY fraternal BBQ‘s but I have been a willing participant to some of the best BBQ’s this department has ever seen. It use to cost us five a piece and some donations from the masses and wallah a nice thing would develope, that’s not the case now. From B1, Q12, B5 and finishing up in Q6, these …


Supervisors take a shellacking:(

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  With these decisions come anxiety and heartache to everybody involved, We have gone from a paramilitary unit to a corporate entity overnight, that has always been the case in times of need. In the private world things like this go on all the time, a climatic change happens every time the business is losing money, and that is what the city and this …