Sad day in Snowville :(

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No hiring, no promotions, layoffs, no charts, tighting of the belt, reassignments, leaves being knock down especially on Saturday, if they”re approved, has to have proof, then approved. And thats before Night Plow starts, whew goooing to beee a looooonng Winter.   Related articles Best Of The Beach Boys – The Friday Countdown Road Trip! Valerie Jarrett Takes Time Off …

Lisa and Liz

The Photographer and the Writer

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Lisa and Liz did it, and I for one, am happy, for this project of theirs, anytime you get a pat in the back, it makes most of us happy, I know getting paid every two weeks makes me and my family happy and that should be enough but there’s nothing better than having someone tell you that you did a good …


Macroburst 2010

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View Full Album 15 minutes into my drive to Home Depot, my wife and I realize we had a problem, never thought that it would take us 6 hours to travel 2 miles to and 2 miles back. Wow! what damage, next day will tell how bad, but this night was telling us that come morning we are going to …

Chasing Sanitation

New York’s Strongest (via everydaytrash)

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Ugh, trashies, forgive my sporadic posting these days. The new day job is all consuming, but that’s no excuse, especially since SO MUCH has been going on in the world of garbage. This weekend was totally saturated with new trash finds, mostly thanks to the fantastic event artist Paul Lloyd Sargent organized on the converted RV known as MLAB. We …


Key West, Florida

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In my lifetime I have seen some of the nicest places in this country and Key West, Florida is sure one of them. We had a beautiful start to the vacation here this summer, with some bumps, but after righting the ship the vacation just got better. When there you must check out the Conch Train Tour, if you get someone entertaining like we had, Capt. …

WTC Patch

Where were you September 11, 2001?

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The world around me changed.  Twin Towers, New York I was working the 8-4 shift at Q12 with Mike Crawford, day started nice, until S/W Green came down and told us the story of the first plane to hit, I ran upstairs to see the TV in the lunchroom and couldn’t believe what I was looking at, the second plane …


Rivera’s Summer 2010 Road Trip

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Oh boy!, lots of fun no relaxing with Master Dante, miss that kid , a total meltdown from the males in the family, me in beautiful Key West and Dante in the middle of a road somewhere between Key West and Key largo, I don’t  know which one was worst, mine or his, he missed his moms Shaneya and his …