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vacation 1
23 JULY 2011

What is your ideal time off you need to consider it a vacation?

  2 weeks minimum, but how about time off after, yeah some vacations need a vacation after vacation just to recoup, depending on your first vacation. Everybody is different and everybody sees vacation differently. Me, I love just getting out of the routine life we spend(sleep, eat, work, house chores, repeat…), just to get out […]

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Feet relaxing
12 JANUARY 2011

What I’m Looking Forward to in 2011

Enjoying Life with my Family Lazzy Feet on a Blue Ocean Beach vacation Maximizing my Vacations. Related articles Lazzi 2 Ocean Reef Announces WaterSound Vacation Rental Depressed About Being Back At Work? Lazzy Listening California dreaming Top 3 Carolina Beach Babe New Year’s Resolutions 2013 Olin Announces Fourth Quarter Earnings Rangers still in the market […]

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sam and sam
6 OCTOBER 2010

My Top Ten Moments in my first 20 years

These are my top ten moments in my first 20 years of DSNY.  My Daughter’s birth. My 4 Grandchildren births. My son coming back from Iraq. Seeing my Son at Parris Island graduate boot camp. Buying my Co-op. Promotion to Supervisor. Carrying S.A.L. banner for the 2006 National Puerto Rican Parade. 3 Superior ratings. September 11, 2001. Son […]

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