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Mechanical Broom
20 FEBRUARY 2011

Loerbs World “February”

There is a special place in Hell for people who stop at yellow lights. Sometimes I whisper, “I’m on your side” to the computers, just in case they ever succeed in taking over the world. My definition of a perfect storm is one that keeps the relatives from coming to visit. If Facebook has taught […]

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Lou Formica
17 FEBRUARY 2011

Friends of Lou Formica

In Loving Memory    He is a also a retired NYC Sanitation Worker. Lou Formica is one of those people you can never forget. To meet him is to love him. Whether it was at New Dorp High School, playing football, working on the Sanitation Department, enjoying his company at Hunter Mountain or the Hamptons, […]

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to do list
17 FEBRUARY 2011

The List

I just spent a week on the 8pm to 8am shift this winter and found the shift very busy and that’s including the day I didn’t have nobody except the 2 GU”s,  1 Spreader and 1 Officer in the field, everybody to Q1 that night, and I still was busy all night, don’t get me […]

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16 FEBRUARY 2011

DSNY 2.0

                    The automation of DSNY continues  with GPS, Records  upgrade, Hand Scanners, Electronic Summons Writers, and Hybrids all over the place, we are in a state of saving as many jobs as possible and at the same time not hiring for those good jobs that labor […]

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13 FEBRUARY 2011

Should employees choose a Roth 457 or a traditional 457b?

“Before answering this, there are two important things to know : from what has been publicized SO FAR 1. the 457b is accessible penalty-free at “separation from service” as opposed to age 59.5 for the Roth 457 AND 2. this is a PERSONAL DECISION based on many factors including age, pension eligibility, involvement in 401k’s […]

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12 FEBRUARY 2011

Hoover Dam, Nevada

Amazing site, worth seeing, it gives you a sense of living in the past, I’m also amazed by the idea that we can do anything when we put our heads together. It was a nice continuation of the day that first started with a trip to the Grand Canyon.             […]

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Frank Justich

Frank Justich Second Annual Memorial Dinner

Saturday March 19, 2011 @ Studio Square 7PM to 1AM 35-33 36th Street Queens, NY 11106 718-383-1001 Dinner, All you can drink Beer, Wine and Sangria DJ, Dancing and A Comedian A Special Silent Auction including Frank’s Paintings Raffle with many Prizes 50/50 Tickets – 80 Table – 750 For more information/raffle and or tickets […]

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Snowing in the city

How I’m Liking 2011 So Far ?

Is it ever going to end NY snow scene No resolutions this year, and it has been all work and no play Related articles The ultimate search: Non-related look-a-likes! Remembering New York’s “Snowmageddon” (Winter of 2011) How to Say “Look at Me!” to an Online Recruiter 1 Million Facebook likes and kids get puppy Ricki […]

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January’s Top Stories “Snow and More Snow, A King and A New Year ” :(

Making Money The Hard Way People working 4, 5 or more weeks straight , nerves and fatigue affecting the masses, but we trudged on like we always do. Starting the week before Christmas Day some of the guys/girls were working already a few days, and it carried into the end of January. , not a […]

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